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The lab is based in the Cambridge University Department of Pharmacology on Tennis Court Road.

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Postdoctoral applications

3 postdoctoral positions are currently available as part of our consortium supported by UKRI as an Engineering Biology

Mission Award. We are also keen to sponsor candidates, either with PhDs or coming to the end of their PhD, to apply for

postdoctoral fellowship awards. Get in contact as early as you can, because this process always takes a while.

The lab and University run a range of events to support postdoctoral fellows and promote their careers, including: Postdoc

Academy, Postdocs of Cambridge Society and Entrepreneurial Postdocs of Cambridge with social events, training sessions

(idea development, leadership, grant writing, managing scientists), and connecting to career opportunities.

Potential Doctoral students

We are looking to welcome new Doctoral students into the lab. There are various 3 year or 4 year fully funded doctoral

programmes for students at Cambridge, including Doctoral Training Centres (e.g. Nanoscience), Gates Cambridge

Scholarships for international students, and many places funded via colleges. Deadlines are early, so get in contact with Mark


Students are welcome from a range of backgrounds. Each student will be given a project suitable for their skills and fully

supported as they learn skills in new areas, via training within the lab and through short training courses in the Department

and University. When you fill in the University application, you are free to apply to any college you would like. The lab is not

able to host MPhil students.

Undergraduate students

Part II students:

We look forward to taking 2-3 Part II students for Pharmacology practical research projects. Each undergraduate has their

own project, with close day-to-day support by a member of the lab, along with scope for creativity and important findings.

Undergraduate students have been authors on several of the group’s recent papers and patents.

Summer vacation students:

We aim to take 2 students from the University of Cambridge for projects of 8-10 weeks each year. We are not able to support

students on the Amgen program.

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