Latest on Papers, Events… …Jul 2024: Welcome to Dr. Robert Shey from University of Buea Cameroon, visiting the lab as part of Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research project! …Jul 2024: Single molecule imaging collaboration paper out on iMAX FRET. …Jun 2024: Gabrielle wins best talk prize at Pandemic Preparedness event. …Jun 2024: Malaria vaccine paper accepted! …May 2024: Proactive vaccinology paper of Rory, Anthony and Gabrielle now out at Nature Nano, and makes the newspapers (e.g. Guardian, Times, Daily Mail). …Apr 2024: Congratulations to Dominic on a successful DPhil viva! …Apr 2024: 1,000 th paper/patent using SpyTag/SpyCatcher appears on SpyInfo. …Mar 2024: SpyMask paper for better bispecifics released. …Mar 2024: 3 postdoctoral positions now available as part of our Engineering Biology consortium. …Mar 2024: Come to see the group presenting an activity on how to block scary viruses at the Cambridge Festival on 23rd March at the Department of Pathology. Download files to run yourself here. …Mar 2024: Farewell social to say goodbye to our Part II students with crazy golf and pub quiz. …Feb 2024: Welcome to Ana, joining the group! …Feb 2024: Funding for our group announced as part of EU Consortium on pandemic preparedness. …Jan 2024: Congratulations to Rory on his paper accepted, in collaboration with Oxford and Caltech. …Jan 2024: Delighted to have Michal starting a rotation in the group. …Dec 2023: First patient dosed in Phase I trial of CMV vaccine using SpyCatcher-based virus-like particle …Dec 2023: EnterpriseTECH pitch night for the lab’s Cell-Lock technology at Cambridge Univ Business School …Nov 2023: Light control of protein reaction paper published. …Oct 2023: We have won funding to work on a River Blindness vaccine with our Cameroon collaborator through Cambridge-Africa ALBORADA Research Fund. …Oct 2023: Rory wins Best Poster at International Society for Vaccines Congress in Switzerland! …Oct 2023: Mark leads entrepreneurship event Next Pharma Phenomenon. …Oct 2023: Congratulations to Anthony on filing another patent. …Oct 2023: SpyBiotech listed on Life Sciences Future 50 ranking. …Oct 2023: Nobel Prize for Chemistry goes to Moungi Bawendi, who Mark was lucky enough to collaborate with on quantum dot engineering. …Oct 2023: Welcome to new lab members Yujia and Emily! …Sept 2023: Lasya and Anthony selected as inventors at EnterpriseTech programme at Cambridge Business School …Sept 2023: SpyVLPs to enter clinical trial against CMV …Sept 2023: Claudia and Anthony’s pre-print on accelerating bispecific antibody technology now out …Aug 2023: Great to have Deepak and Qize joining the lab. …Aug 2023: Lab outing to see Oppenheimer. …Jul 2023: Excited to share our pre-print that is out on light control of covalent reaction in cells. …Jul 2023. Announcement of Next Pharma Phenomenon session on start-ups and pitching competition, being organised by Mark. …Jun 2023: Results out from a Phase 3 trial with Tag/Catcher-based vaccine …Jun 2023: Delighted to host visiting professor Salim Khakoo in the lab, including journal club on Darwin College students’ private island. …Jun 2023: Congratulation to Dominic and Anthony on their paper just out! …Jun 2023: Dominic selected to give a talk at FEBS Congress in Tours France …Jun 2023: Lasya selected for Engineering Biology graduate committee …May 2023: Mark presents at Avantor in New Jersey …May 2023: Well done to Rory on his scholarship award! …Apr 2023: It was a dead heat in Lab Easter egg hunt around Cambridge …Apr 2023: Lasya presents at Cambridge Festival …Mar 2023: Farewell dinner at La Mimosa for our Part II students …Feb 2023: Rory’s pre-print is out on pandemic protection. …Feb 2023: Paper out on HIV vaccine engineering …Feb 2023 Welcome to Sandra joining the lab! …Jan 2023: Paper with Keyser lab on multivirus diagnostic through single molecule detection …Jan 2023: A warm welcome to our new Part II students, Tom and JC. …Jan 2023: Catch Mark’s talk at Tea Club in Cambridge Biochemistry in May …Jan 2023: Paper out on structural basis for antibody with exceptionally broad coronavirus neutralization. …Jan 2023: Delighted to have Miha join the lab. …Dec 2022: Lab Christmas Party shared with Itzhaki and Kumita lab. …Dec 2022: Congratulations to Hung-Jen on a successful DPhil ultra-viva! …Dec 2022: Mark presents at Cafe Synthetique …Oct 2022: Excited to have Gabrielle joining the lab. …Oct 2022: Lasya and Mark, with Janet Kumita, represented the Dept at the Big Biology Day outreach event for local children. …Sept 2022: Lab theatre trip to see Rosencrantz and Guildenstern …Sept 2022: Paper accepted at Nature Nanotechnology …Sept 2022: Pre-print out on HIV vaccine nanoparticle engineering. …Sept 2022: The lab has started in Cambridge University Department of Pharmacology. …Aug 2022: Announced that Tag/Catcher CAR-T cells to enter clinical manufacture for cancer therapy, developed by Prescient. …Aug 2022: Paper on novel adenovirus vaccine platform just out. …Jul 2022: The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) announced up to $30M funding to our consortium to take the all-in-one coronavirus vaccine candidate into clinical testing. …Jul 2022: Enjoyed Lab punting trip; great start from our visitors Dawid and Christoph. …Jul 2022: Original SpyCatcher paper reaches 1,000 citations. …Jun 2022: Congratulations to Susan and Rory on their paper just out at Nature Comm! …May 2022 Welcome to Dawid joining the lab on the NIH OxCam program! …May 2022: We said farewell to our excellent Part II students over bubble-tea at Christ Church Meadow. …Apr 2022: We gave our collaborator a sample of SpyCatcher003 and they paid us back with sticks of rhubarb- will have to consider if this counts as a viable business model. …Excited to have Christoph von Ballmoos joining us for the summer as a visiting Professor. …We reached landmark of 2,000 plasmid samples distributed by the lab to other academic groups via Addgene; 1,000 different SpyTag/SpyCatcher fusions now listed on SpyBank. …Well done to Anthony on a Blue Flame award from Addgene for the popularity of the technology he developed. …Congratulations to Dr. Sheryl on her thesis defence! …New preprint out on enhancing viral vectors. …Well done to Susan and Rory for winning the lab pitching competition! …Welcome to Cameron joining the lab. …Congratulations to Niels on a successful thesis defence! …Lab art event: outstanding contributions in cartooning from Jamie and violin playing from Vincent. …Preprint out on virus sensing from collaboration with Keyser lab …Congratulations to Niels, commended for his innovations by the Doctoral Training Programme …Vaccine design review by Rory now online …Happy Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night! …Welcome to Lasya joining the lab! ...Well done to Sheryl for her award in the Department poster competition! …Welcome to Jamie and Vincent joining the lab! …Mark demonstrating at Oxford Science and Ideas Festival in the Explorazone …Congratulations to Arne on a successful DPhil viva. …Gastrobodies are here! Niels’ paper now out on a new platform towards therapy in GI tract. …Well done to Anthony, Vikash, Matteo, Jin on a big collaboration on DogCatcher published …Welcome to Anna joining the lab! …David wins Department prize for best Undergraduate project in the year …500 th publication using Spy technology is marked on SpyInfo …Farewell to our excellent Part II students- molecular biology expertise , scientific method , and essential refinement in punting skills. …Congratulations to Anthony on filing another patent …Lab’s work highlighted in Nature Biotechnology …Arne and Irsyad launch the company LiliumX …Hung-Jen’s work highlighted by NIH Director and New York Times …Arne and Sheryl’s NeissLock technology out at Nature Comm …Hung-Jen’s work on future coronavirus threats is out at Science …First in human testing of SpyTag vaccine candidate announced …Anthony giving a talk at NanoBioEngineering Congress …Congratulations to Rolle and Hung-Jen on their vaccine assembly principles paper out! …Anthony’s review “Power to the Protein” now out. …Lab working on coronavirus Covid-19 vaccine with Alain Townsend and UK consortium …Paper out from collaboration with Hagan Bayley lab on nanopores. …Well done to Anthony, Irsyad and Rolle on their 003 paper. Got infinite affinity? …Congratulations to Oxford’s iGEM team on their gold medal at the Jamboree in Boston! Thanks to the many lab members for all their mentorship. …Delighted to have Emmanuel Margolin from the University of Cape Town, an expert on vaccines from plants, with us for November. …Linacre College's secret garden takes the lead in our beautiful journal club competition, with optional hammock. …Summer picnic, Wolvercote mystery tour and farewell to Alex! …Designer Biology conference in Newcastle- Irsyad giving a talk and Mark at meet-up of UK iGEM teams …Welcome to Alex joining the lab for the summer! …Delighted that we will be hosting an Africa Oxford Initiative visiting fellow in November. …Beautiful Journal Club competition 2019, Rhodes House in the lead ...Sheryl, Irsyad and Arne win prize at London Start-up competition ...Anthony to present at Affinity 2019 in Stockholm …Lab punting social along with iGEM team ...Recent Nature paper on HIV vaccine by Bjorkman lab using SpyVLPs ...Irysad wins Dept prize for most popular poster! ...Mark will be lead mentor for Oxford’s iGEM team 2019 ...Lab held cherry blossom party for 2019 ...Irsyad’s Nature Comm Spy&Go out …Mark gives talk at Bacterial World exhibition at Museum of Natural History ...Welcome to Rolle joining the lab! …James wins Lab Art/Poetry competition. ...New playlist “Music to make Vaccines to” on lab’s YouTube channel. ...Lab golf/fishing event won by Anne-Marie, Robert, Anusuya. ...Georgi wins prize for outstanding Part II research project. ...JJ won Oxford Interdiscip Bioscience Enterprise and Innovation Award! ...SpyInfo linked to all papers/patents using isopep. technology. ...TED talk by Bijan describing some of lab’s technologies. ...Interview by SETI for US radio/ podcast. ...Protein alphabet at Nature Struct&Mol Biol. 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