CURRENT TEAM Mark Howarth, Professor

Mark did graduate work in molecular immunology at Oxford University Institute of Molecular Medicine and Southampton

University Cancer Sciences. In his postdoctoral work at MIT he developed tools in chemical biology, advanced microscopy and

nanotechnology to understand receptor trafficking. He was Professor of Protein Nanotechnology at Oxford University, moving to

Cambridge University to take up the Sheild Chair in the Department of Pharmacology in 2022. In 2017 he was awarded the Royal

Society of Chemistry Norman Heatley Prize for chemical biology and helped to found SpyBiotech, taking the group’s vaccine

approach into clinical trials. Several of the lab’s alumni have founded their own companies, with Mark acting as Translational

Champion for the Department. His work has been funded by ERC, BBSRC, EPSRC, MRC, Wellcome Trust and through

collaborations with companies including Genzyme, AB Vista and Sony.

Claudia Driscoll, DPhil student

Claudia did her undergraduate training at Durham University and joined the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP. She is developing

new antibody architectures.

Anthony Keeble, PhD from UEA

Anthony is applying library selection and structure-based design to the engineering of fast-reacting and unbreakable protein


Sandra Oloketuyi

Sandra did her Bachelors and Masters training in Nigeria, before moving to Ario de Marco’s group for her PhD on biosensor

generation. She is currently creating switchable protein technologies.

Dominic Wood, DPhil student

Dominic studied Biology at the University of York and took part in the iGEM competition in 2017. He is currently on the

Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP. In 2023 he co-founded GOM Therapeutics.

Yujia Cui, PhD student

Yujia is originally from China and did her Bachelor’s in Pharmacology at McGill University where she researched Protein Kinase C

signalling. Her project is on developing delivery approaches to improve vaccine protection.

Rory Hills, DPhil student

Rory studied at the University of Victoria, Canada where he established the University Synthetic Biology club and devised

analytical technology related to the opioid overdose crisis. He is a Rhodes Scholar, developing new vaccine technologies.

Deepak Chand, PhD from CSIR National Chemical Laboratory, India

Deepak was previously working on mitochondrial structural biology and is now establishing modular protein architectures.

Gabrielle Admans, PhD student

Gabrielle did her Masters at the University of Glasgow, including a year’s placement with GlaxoSmithKline. She is currently

establishing platforms to enhance vaccine generation.

Emily Nassen, PhD student

Emily studied at Ghent University and researched nanocarriers in cancer cell death. She is now engineering assemblies to

target protective immune responses.

Dawid Maciorowski, MD/PhD student

Dawid is a member of the NIH OxCam scholars programme, carrying out his clinical training at the University of Wisconsin-

Madison, as well as research jointly at NIH and with our lab on Herpes Simplex Virus vaccine development.

Lasya Vankayala, DPhil student

Lasya studied at the University of British Columbia, where she founded COVID19 Demystified, and is developing covalent

conjugation to enhance cell therapy.

Ana Rossi, PhD

Ana is developing ultrastable antibody mimetics for targeting in the GI tract.

Oliver Li, Part II student

Oliver is a medical student at Corpus Christi College Cambridge and is researching switchable proteins for cell therapy.

Nicole Go, Part II student

Nicole is studying Medicine at Girton College Cambridge. Her research is on modulating cytotoxic T cells for cancer targeting.

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Anne-Marie Andersson, CTO at vaccine/immunotherapy spin-out InProTher

Kanlaya Prapainop Katewongsa, Assistant Prof. at Mahidol University, Thailand

Miriam O’Duill, Assistant Prof. at University of Nottingham

Niels Wicke, CSO and Co-founder at Zya

Theodora Bruun, MD/PhD at Stanford Medical School

Denis Krndija, Group leader at Centre de Biologie Intégrative (CBI), Toulouse

Robert Wieduwild, researcher at Rudolf-Schönheimer-Institut für Biochemie, University of Leipzig, and founder of

spin-out denovoMATRIX

Apurba Koner, Associate Prof. at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

Rolle Rahikainen, Career Development Fellow at University of Tampere

Bijan Zakeri, at Form Bio

Irsyad Khairil Anuar, founder at Valink Therapeutics

Arne Scheu, founder at Valink Therapeutics

Sarah Rouse UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at Imperial College London

Jacob Fierer, Director of Business Development, Technology transfer

at Weizmann Institute

Gianluca Veggiani, Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University

Michael Fairhead at the Centre for Medicines Discovery, University of Oxford

Paul Moody at Oxford Nanopore

Catharina Melzer, Senior Consultant at Bayer

Alberto Carella at Kilburn & Strode Attorneys

Jayati Jain, Executive Director at Fluid AI, co-founder with Trutech Webs and the Fluid Motion

Anselm Schneider at Nuvisan Pharma

Felix Metzner, Gene Center at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Christopher Schoene at Hoffmann Eitle Patent

Emily Chittock at Carpmaels & Ransford Intellectual Property

Linda Tchatchouang at GenScript

Vikash Yadav, Lecturer at University of Derby

Sam Stokes at UK Intellectual Property Office

Sheryl Lim at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

David Schramm at Oxford University Medical School

Jisoo Jean, Principal for Healthcare & Life Sciences at Cambridge Innovation Consulting

James Ross, EPSRC Synthetic Biology Research Fellow at University of Leeds

Karl Brune, Crick Institute and founder at Genie Biotech

Can Buldun at BB Biotech investment

Anthony Walsh at Lyfe Capital

Vincent Fideli at London Centre for Nanotechnology

Jamie Lam, Joint PhD Student at University of Hong Kong (HKU) and University of Toronto

Max Jamilly, Co-founder at Hoxton Farms

Susan Vester at King’s College London

Hung-Jen Wu at CDC, Atlanta: National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases

Henry Wood at Agenus Bio

Raphael Gayet at Harvard University Wyss Institute

Georgi Nikov at Valink Therapeutics

Aastha Chokshi · Resident Physician at Brown University/Rhode Island Hospital

Michael Jacobsen at Novo Nordisk

Anusuya Banerjee, Senior Scientist at GSK

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